Friday, February 24, 2017

Babylon Sisters Etsy Shop

A few treasures recently listed on my Etsy shop...

A lot of vintage linens.  I can NEVER resist them, thinking I'm going to do all sorts of creative things...

Set of three wire hat stands.  I think they're art just the way they are!

Gypsy shower curtain in colors I love!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What's Old is New Again!

Just listing some retro home decor items on my Etsy shop - brass is in.  Again!

Leaping dolphins

You can never have too many brass candlesticks.

Seashell bookends

Love this flock of seagulls!

A brass cricket box

In the words of the wonderful Mary Randolph Carter, "Never stop to I have room for this?"

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Grown Up Pink Bedrooms

This is our beautiful new comforter set.  Shades of pink with a metallic gold in the print.  My husband doesn't mind pink so I'm lucky there.  He doesn't mind any color if he gets a chance to sleep!

 I added the white fluffy blanket added for our smallish white dog, Hazel Rose, to lay on.  She loves it so it does help keep the dog hair off the comforter...

I want to add some gold accents - thinking gold starburst mirrors over each night table but I haven't found any yet.  Here are my inspiration rooms from Pinterest -

I'll be making the rounds of the thrift stores to look for some lovely gold items!