Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Thought Today

My thought today needs no photos.  My 8 year old grandson told me yesterday he is scared of nuclear war.  The US and Russia specifically.

No child should even know that.  No child should say that.  On one hand, it makes me cry.  On the other, it makes me really angry.

Not one politician, not one non-progressive voter, not one person in power should be remotely proud of themselves.

Actually, I do have a photo for this...



Holly said...

I feel your weary, my children are so afraid of the future. We can only do our best to reassure them with love that there is sanctuary in our presence and to let them not live fear driven lives, even though personally I do. In love and peace I wish you a beautiful weekend.

Babylon Sisters said...

Thank you Holly! You too!

Bohemian said...

Amen! Why does it seem so very hard for Nations to get along and play well with others? Dawn... The Bohemian

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Mary.....our world.....I'm afraid we humans, have really made a mess of things.



Tilda said...

That picture says it all. It's 20-fucking-17 fer crying out loud! Not 1917. Not 1817. Not 1717. Well, you know what I mean. By now we should have gotten a clue.

The day after the election, there was one guy standing on a corner in our downtown with a sign. Just one guy. His sign said "Don't Give Up".