Thursday, December 8, 2016

Home Improvement

We've had our SMEG fridge for a month or so now and it's great!  Fits much better in our little old kitchen than the previous stainless steel giant...

smeg fridge

We bought this metal cart on wheels at Ikea for vegetables and cookbook overflow...

ikea metal cart

We also added this pretty blue bread bin with a cutting board on top.

blue bread bin

Finding lots of ways to fit in to our downsized house!


rebecca said...

That smaller frig makes SO much sense!
And I like the looks of it, too.
Wondering how much freezer space it has.
We don't have a separate freezer, so when I shopped for our frig a few months ago, this was a concern along with not wanting to rebuild my kitchen to fit a new frig!!!!

Babylon Sisters said...

Rebecca, the freezer is tiny. We did have to go buy a small chest type of freezer that I put in the laundry room. It's all working out though - trying to buy food more mindfully too so we don't waste. Wasting food drives me totally crazy!

Big Rory Road Creative Thrifty Living said...

Looks great!

Carol S. said...

Oh it's lovely, Mary! What a cozy kitchen. :)

Holly said...

Lovely kitchen,i need a rolley cart so I clean room to room.