Monday, June 13, 2016

I wanted to totally agree with my friend Carol's points on 'the cow jumped over the moon'  this morning but I still can't comment on other blogs I guess.  Technical difficulties.

I also want to add a point my sister just made that a lunatic with a huge gun should not have been able to enter a club at 2 a.m..  ESPECIALLY a gay club when we KNOW there are crazy haters out there.  The club owner would be making a huge amount of money and obviously did not have the necessary security in place.

We're not able to sneak cookies and bottled water into the Cheer competitions my granddaughter attends because the venues want us to buy things there.

The argument in favor of guns is beyond ludicrous at this point.  Think about this - a homophobic loser with no weapon at all would be lucky to kill one person let alone 50.  How can you possible say that the gun doesn't matter?  You just can't.

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Carol S. said...

Dear Mary: I took off the ability to comment on that post - the second person to post was someone who from what I could tell is not in my followers, never posted before and was pro-gun. I have/had no patience for debating this issue. I don't even think she read my whole post anyway.

((((Hugs)) (((Love)))) (((Peace))))