Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bedroom Redo

We're trying to make better use of the space in our house so we're doing some bedroom shifting.  Our two grandchildren were sharing a smallish room so we switched our college age son into there...

The first thing I did was put everything in the center of the room and paint.  It's a pale gray from Sherwin Williams - my favorite paint store.  I gave all the white woodwork a fresh coat of paint too.  

As you can see, the little kids have too much stuff and were really growing out of this space.

Our son, confronting the disaster of his old room - moving in progress!

Painting done - getting ready to move his things in.  Lots of sorting and streamlining to be done.  I'm hoping for it to not get so out-of-hand again!

Much better!

We put a lot of his things in the closet.  The doors were gone when we moved in but I think I'm going to replace them now.  

Clean and simple - for now.

On to the next room...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Another pair of curtains and that's that...

I just finished and listed these curtains in my Babylon Sisters Etsy shop -

bohemian gypsy curtains

I named them "Building a Mystery".  Listening to Florence Welch led to listening to Sarah McLachlin while I was sewing...

I've made and sold really A LOT of gypsy curtains and I'm kind of done.  I'm doing some painting and decorating at home but I'd love to find another creative creation for my Etsy shop.  

I've collected some ideas from Pinterest...

I'm thinking a lot about duvet covers - especially for king-sized beds.  I'd want to repurpose fabric somehow though - maybe vintage sheets?

Look at this gorgeous patchwork bag!  I have lots of bits and pieces so maybe...

LOVE these bags too!

I've collected a crazy amount of doilies.  I know.  Why?  I really should do something with them...

I will be making some version of this for the space I rent at Retropolis (Houston's Vintage Superstore).  We sell a truly amazing amount of ugly Christmas sweaters.  I can't explain it.  I'll just go with it.

For now I think I'll patch some jeans.  I have a pile of beat-up Levis and some wood grain look fabric from Ikea.  Wood grain look fabric (I left out all the hyphens - too many) is a bit hilarious but I think it will nicely combine hippie and hipster...

wish me luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to Work

It seems like summer vacation blended into school starting and it's totally busy around here everyday.

 I'm trying to get back into making, doing and listing in my Etsy shop...

I made this gypsy shower curtain.  I happened to notice I had all of these fabric bits in the same-ish pinky, coraly, color.  It's called 'Miss Havesham' because of the tattered lace.

I listed this sari silk patchwork hanging lamp.   I love it but I just can't fit another lamp in anywhere.  It's my own version 'love it or list it'! 


I also listed this stained glass look candleholder.  As well as too many lamps, I have too many candleholders...

I can never resist vintage tins.  I love this one from the seventies!

Getting busy...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Thoughts

I was kind of wondering what R.E.M. would think of their music playing behind Donald Trump's lunatic ranting.  Not much, it seems...  Read it here.

I totally missed "Witches of East End" but HAVE to see it just for these gorgeous sets...

My current favorite author is Emily St. John Mandel.  Loved Station Eleven and Last Night in Montreal.  Ordering her other books from Amazon today!

While I'm not a fan or organized religion, I have to say I'm liking Pope Francis.  I was raised Catholic so I'm really happy he seems like such a good guy.

I don't have a personal facebook page.  I did try once upon a time but it was just too fake for me.  Maybe it's just the people I happen to know but if I haven't seen you in 15 years and I have seen your facebook picture, you don't look like that anymore. ..

My husband and I were thinking of having a facebook with pictures of what we really look like (not 12 years old) and what we're really doing (yes, it involves changing diapers)...not so glamorous!

hahaha, xoxoMary