Monday, November 9, 2015

The Trouble is You Think You Have Time

I was watching the TV show "American Pickers" last night and I've been thinking about STUFF.

American Pickers

I like the two guys on the show and they really find some amazing stuff.  It's frustrating watching sometimes because they go for all the 'man' stuff and I can see where I'd be looking - at the more interesting 'woman' stuff!

american pickers

What strikes me most about the show though is that the collection owners are almost all older men who mainly don't want to part with their treasures.  Lots of times they'll hold out for a higher price, things just aren't for sale, etc..  

What are you thinking there guys?

american pickers

You can't take it with you.

I've been to enough estate sales to know this and you have too.

Let it go.

I'm thinking about my own 'stuff' and how I need to be careful all the time to edit and not collect.

I don't want to live in a bare house but I don't want my children to have to deal with a bunch of junk either...

I'm constantly trying to clean, organize and keep only what we need or love...

Watching the show last night I was looking around the whole time at what needs to go.

The view from my couch, including dog and baby gear.  

the life changing magic of tidying up

This is my decluttering bible.  Except for the part about the folding clothes.  I just can't get the folding...

Time to get busy!


Andrea said...

Yes! Whenever I see these episodes I think, Sell it all! Take the money and go on a trip to Italy or something. Trade the stuff for real life experiences

Babylon Sisters said...

If you read the review of the show by clicking on "American Pickers" in the first sentence, it's a really good explanation and kind of sad. The old guys tend to be vets and on the margins of society.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Mary......I will share MY SECRET WITH YOU........DOWNSIZE YOUR HOME!! (O: Unless you want to be running into things constantly and tripping over all your stuff you HAVE TO GIVE SOME OF IT AWAY. It is not an easy task...but once done you feel so free. LOL


Babylon Sisters said...

Jo, my house is only 2000 sq. ft. which I think is small by American standards. We have 3 bedrooms with a 20 year old in college in one and 2 grandchildren in the other. And yet, I still find dusty shelves, over-filled drawers, etc...

Bohemian said...

Oh yes, it is a constant battle isn't it? With our Big Move recently I have seriously de-stashed what we had at the Old Home... Donating, Selling to Pickers and Discarding. The Stuff of Life tends to be a constant Process of Curating and Culling what we own. When I watch the Show I don't know how the people Cope with the enormous amount of possessions they have accumulated and which mostly aren't Organized or Used? I thought I had a lot, but when I see the hoarded Treasures the guys visit, it just makes me glad I never let it go that far! *Whew!* I too don't want my Adult Children and Adult Grandchildren to have to deal with so much... but I doubt I will ever become a Minimalist, though we are trying to Simplify Life considerably in our Senior Years. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian