Tuesday, November 3, 2015

La Mer Update and Some Drug Store Product Fails

Here's a perfect example of why I need to 'journal' the things I've learned so I don't keep making the same mistakes...

la mer

I've been using the La Mer soft cream for a few years.  Don't scoff until you hear me out.  I do not in any way expect it to make me look younger.  No 'reducing the appearance of fine lines' or any of that silliness.  All I'm going for is a comforting level of moisturizing that makes my skin maybe look not like an alligator.  That's it.

La Mer is perfect for my skin.  I love it.  So, why then don't I have any right now?  Because I'm of Scottish ancestry, that's why.  We're known to be 'frugal'.   The price kind of slays me.  

So, as I have done in the past, I set out to find a cheaper alternative...

mad hippie

I wanted to love the Mad Hippie products just for the name.  I just didn't though.  Using any of it even once made my skin irritated and break out.

mature skin care

Olay gets so much hype.  Life would be wonderful if I loved their products.  They're everywhere, they're inexpensive, they promise great things.  I just don't like Olay creams.  Not hate.  Just don't like.  At all.

mature skin care

The other drug store brand I thought there might be hope for was L'Oreal so I bought this.  Glow renewal?  Yes, please.  I thought the added sunscreen was a great idea too.  I was wrong.  The sunscreen got in my eyes and felt burning for the whole day.  Fail.

mature skin care

Which brings us to yesterday's eye disaster.  I found this oil at Target and thought it would be just the thing.  Why fool around with cream when you can go all the way with oil?  I thought it would be moisturizing madness - in a good way.

No.  It did feed great to apply, as oil would on 'mature skin'.  However, a little while later I started noticing my glasses were really blurry.  You know where this is going don't you?  Well, it wasn't my glasses.  I had gotten the oil in my eyes and couldn't see.  Which is a real problem when you're at the thrift stores and need eagle eyes to find the bargains...

eagle eyes

PLUS, my mascara was all over the place.  I know some might think I could just not be an idiot and keep it away from my eyes but my eyes are kind of the point and I'm just not fussy enough to have a separate eye cream and be that careful.  

runny mascara

My conclusion about this facial oil yesterday was that I did like it so I could just use it at night when it wouldn't matter about my eyes.  No.  Two red sore spots today.  Gross.

I'm embarrassed to say when I checked my cupboard there are even more creams and potions in there that I didn't like...

SO, the Scottish side of me is absolutely cringing at this 'false economy', as my husband calls it.  I definitely spent MORE and have a bunch of junk to go in the landfill to show for it.  Lesson learned.

Quelle horreur! (and off to Saks)


Insomniac's Attic said...

My Scottish side definitely comes out concerning skin care products, too. I've tried making my own lately ... so far with limited success. Maybe I should try La Mer? Should I be sitting down when I check to see how much that'll cost me? LOL

Babylon Sisters said...

The smallest size - 1 oz. - of soft cream is around $160. It's much easier to use than the traditional creme de la mer which is super thick and requires you to kind of melt it in your hands first. You use a very small amount of the soft cream with a little applicator they give you so it lasts a long time. Also, la mer is famous for giving samples - usually at least 3 or 4 in nice sizes so that really helps...

gajismarts said...

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