Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Handmade Style Christmas Ornaments at Target

I saw these super-cute crafty style Christmas ornaments at Target.

There are tons to choose from at really good prices.

Which makes me happy and sad.

I'm happy I could go get some nice new Christmas things...

But I'm a bit sad that handmade style has been co-opted and massed produced.

It would take a real person quite a while to make one of these little felt tree ornaments.

They're $3. each at Target.

So, would I sit here sewing for hours?

Or go for the made in China version?

I guess my solution will be somewhere in the middle.

I'll probably buy a few new cute things.

And I'll also spend hours sewing...

Even though some of the ornaments are really cute, I think handmade is still the way to go...

Merry making!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Those are adorable.
I have to start making my holiday cards this weekend. Haven't done handmade cards in a few years, and am itching to do so!