Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to Work

It seems like summer vacation blended into school starting and it's totally busy around here everyday.

 I'm trying to get back into making, doing and listing in my Etsy shop...

I made this gypsy shower curtain.  I happened to notice I had all of these fabric bits in the same-ish pinky, coraly, color.  It's called 'Miss Havesham' because of the tattered lace.

I listed this sari silk patchwork hanging lamp.   I love it but I just can't fit another lamp in anywhere.  It's my own version 'love it or list it'! 


I also listed this stained glass look candleholder.  As well as too many lamps, I have too many candleholders...

I can never resist vintage tins.  I love this one from the seventies!

Getting busy...

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