Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School and Simple Vegetarian Meal Planning

Arriving home from vacation on Friday and having the kids start school on Monday has been a bit hectic to say the least.  I REALLY needed some simple meal plan ideas for the coming week...

I'm so glad I found this meal plan on the Stone Soup blog!  10 ingredient shopping list and 5 ingredient meals...  Yes, please!

We had the lentils on zucchini ribbons tonight and it was simple and delicious - just the thing after vacation and some too-rich restaurant meals.

We have a grandson in pre-K,  a grandson in 1st grade,  two granddaughters starting middle school,  a son in college for Engineering and a daughter back to school at 30+ for pharmacy...

Cheers to education! We couldn't be more proud of all of them!

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Carol said...

Hello Mary: That does look delicious - we love lentils, and will have to try those zucchini ribbons.
Back to school for your family - wishing everyone a great school year!