Monday, July 13, 2015

Current Events

I've been thinking a lot about some of the things in the news lately...

Growing up in Canada I didn't realize the confederate flag was a symbol of racism.  I thought it was a symbol of you're not very smart and you can't afford a car with doors that open.

So then this happens and it's so exciting - although I have to say I'm a fan of any story that begins with 'shimmies up a flagpole'.

'Gay Marriage'.  Wouldn't this be human marriage and human rights?  How could I ever judge? 

Is there really something so sacred and superior about 'traditional' marriage?

I don't think there's anything superior about gay marriage either but would it suck to be Elton John and David Furnish's kids?  Probably not.

I think it's time to get rid of 'gay' as an identifying word altogether.  Isn't 'gay' a lame-o description of someone's sexuality?  Why would I need to know this?

I prefer the a more old-fashioned use of the word.  As in, "Oh, do meet Ned, he's such a gay fellow!".

I'm thinking skin color and sexuality are outmoded and useless ways of judging people.  I think we should focus on the things that really define people...

One of my all-time favorite humorists, Fran Lebowitz says people are not unique like snowflakes.  People are basically all the same.  The only way they differ is in how they like their eggs done.  Here, no two people are alike...

Parking is a good one.  This is something good to know about people.  Do you just relax and park far away or drive around obsessively looking for the closest space?

Neat or messy is a good way to judge people.  A neat cave dwelling is a happy cave dwelling.

So I say let's get past paltry things like skin color and sex and find out what really matters about people...

And the best way to do that, of course, is find out who's their favorite Beatle.  This simple question will cut through race, creed or color and tell you what you need to know about someone.

Google it - there's a good article here.

I'm a George



Carol said...

George, of course!

(great post, Mary!)

Babylon Sisters said...

awesome - thanks!

JoKnows said...

My husband likes to park far away, and I'm like "What the hell are you doing? Drop me off then." Ha ha. Nicely written piece. As a Canadian, I didn't quite get the flag thing either. :)

Michele Wilde said...

PAUL!! Love 💖

Babylon Sisters said...

My sister's favorite. She called him 'the pretty guy'!