Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Big Rory Road

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my...  Wait a minute!

There is always a great deal of peril on Big Rory Road and this year is shaping up to be no exception.

All the talk is of the 200 lb. (approximately) cougar that has been sighted in Judique.  Once on the main road where it definitely 'scared the cows' and once on the Shore Road.  Too close to home with that one!

It would appear to some that the Eastern Cougar has been extinct since the 1930's.  It would not appear that way to my family.  My grandmother was always terrified when we went in the woods that a cougar would hide up in the trees and jump down and kill us.  

Wouldn't you know that's exactly what they do?  Aren't grandmothers always right?

Here's what Hinterland Who's Who, the authorities on wildlife and makers of the TV commercials beloved by all Canadians has to say on the subject.

So, that's what's waiting for us on our summer vacation this year.  The U.S. has officially declared the Eastern Cougar extinct.  Canada has not.  Obviously, they can't.  Not when there's one running around Judique scaring the cows.

Stay safe


JoKnows said...

I hope that dentist doesn't see your post.

Babylon Sisters said...

what dentist? why am I too stunned to know what you mean?

Michele Wilde said...

If you haven't heard about the dentist yet, you will. Now he's in hiding. So maybe now he will know what it's like to be hunted.

Babylon Sisters said...

Oh, I did see that but I couldn't even take it! What an awful human!

Tilda said...

Whoa---we've got cougars here in Oregon, and sometimes they stray into the urban areas, but I have never actually seen one. Once, on a hike, I climbed up on a little rock outcrop and thought to myself "this would be a great lookout spot for a cougar". Then, when climbing down, I saw a huge paw print in the dirt! I hustled on out of there so freakin' fast!