Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Cottage in Wales

My sister-in-law's cottage in Solva, Wales built in 1760.  Such a cozy holiday haven with breathtaking views!

On our way down the lane.  Better to park and walk down - the road is narrow and leaves very little margin for error!

Elizabeth's cottage is the lower one hidden behind the trees.  The tide is out...

Come in...

Very old and low doors.

A seat by the window.

It's cool and breezy outside but nice and warm in the sun room.

Finds from the cottage gardens.

A perfect place for tea.

A much needed fireplace for cold nights.

Upstairs to bed...

A good night's sleep with the beautiful ocean air coming in the window... 

Thanks for coming!


Rebecca said...

Be still my heart! How cozy. How timelessly charming!

Big Rory Road Creative Thrifty Living said...

I hope you were out on the Windy Cliffs at Dusk in your Vintage Flowing White Nightgown! Not to jump of course just for effect!