Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gray Hair Don't Care

So, here's the thing - I'm not dyeing my hair anymore.  Well, at least I'm not dyeing it all-over blonde.

Not that yellow hair isn't a great look for some people but I'm just done with it.

My natural color has probably always been sort of a dirty blonde.   "Dirty blonde", isn't that just what you want to hear your hair described as?

"Tanned blonde" sounds better.  Anyway, I never left it alone for a minute ever since I discovered the horrors of Sun-In when I was a teenager.  Always lighter, darker, streakier...

My timing is perfect.  This article on the Huffington Post says 'Granny Hair' is very in right now.

EVERYONE is getting in on the trend!

So, here's my mine right now.  Can't wait to see what my REAL color is going to be!

I'll keep you posted

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

St. Nectan's Glen

Our recent visit to St. Nectan's Glen and waterfall near Tintagel in the UK...

Our granddaughter and her new friend Jori having a stick race in the stream.  It was very difficult to determine the winner...

A hike through an ancient forest and then a steep slope down to the waterfall.  This area is considered a very spiritual place so visitors leave many offerings...

Magical ribbons and secret wishes are everywhere.

the waterfall

Aurora and Jori left their mark with a 'fairy stack' of flat stones

Back at the cafe for a rest and refreshments

Cornish cream tea time!

(Thanks to Jori's super-talented Dad, Si, the Cornish Gardener, for the beautiful pictures of the kids and the waterfall)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Dinner

Traditional English (vegetarian) Sunday dinner at our house...

mmm...Quorn roast

sage and onion stuffing

mashed potatoes

roasted parsnips

brussel (or is it brussels?) sprouts

Have a yummy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

This year, for Earth Day, why don't you...

build a nest

grow something gorgeous in a pot

burn soy wax candles

have lots of house plants to help clean the air in your home

shop local

make things out of other things

fix up your outdoor space

think of animals as friends, not food

use what you have for home decorating

plant a garden

go to the ocean

wear vintage

 smell the roses!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Cottage in Wales

My sister-in-law's cottage in Solva, Wales built in 1760.  Such a cozy holiday haven with breathtaking views!

On our way down the lane.  Better to park and walk down - the road is narrow and leaves very little margin for error!

Elizabeth's cottage is the lower one hidden behind the trees.  The tide is out...

Come in...

Very old and low doors.

A seat by the window.

It's cool and breezy outside but nice and warm in the sun room.

Finds from the cottage gardens.

A perfect place for tea.

A much needed fireplace for cold nights.

Upstairs to bed...

A good night's sleep with the beautiful ocean air coming in the window... 

Thanks for coming!