Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Age is Somewhere Between 12 and Crazy

It gets a bit tedious some days that the clothes I like on Pinterest are all modeled by 12 year olds.

I know that's the way of the fashion world, but, still...

It's just a bit - boring.  I'm not being mean - of course the girls are ravishing.  They would be that young...

It's not a matter of pining for my lost youth.  I have neither the time nor the inclination to do that..

Some middle ground would be nice.  While I love the spirit and adventure of the "Advanced Style" ladies, it's not for everyone.  

What might be seen as fun and quirky on the streets of Manhattan would not go down so well at my grandchildrens' schools and cheerleading competitions in Houston.

I so admire these women for not allowing themselves to disappear.  I'm nearing 60 and apparently almost invisible.

I'm thinking soon I'll be able to make it my super-power.

Until then I thank the Goddess for Diane Keaton.

Off to get my hair streaked...


Carol said...

I follow a few fashion bloggers of a certain age (including Advanced Style) for inspiration. It's difficult to dress interesting in the winter, though, that's for sure!

How coincidental! I just streaked my hair myself last night - it's a mess (so hard to do, so hard to see as I wear glasses) but I feel better/fun-ner/more lighthearted and brighter!

Babylon Sisters said...

Totally agree about the streaked hair.

It's the opposite here - hard to dress for summer - it's just too hot!

Tilda said...

Geh, I hear you! There are a few designers out there that have older women modeling, like Gudrun Sjoden, but they are few and far between. A friend once told me that designers use 12-year-olds because they are basically trying to say that if you buy their clothes, you, too, will look 12. In other words, they are selling the illusion of youth. Personally, I don't want to be 12 again, or 19 or even in my 20s. I am fine with my age---its society that has the problem. And so we are stuck with 12-year-olds.