Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vegetarian Cincinnati Chili

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And boy did my childhood suck.  Luckily, I have one good memory which I'm able to pass on to my family.

Cincinnati chili.  It's amazing!  A dark, rich chili piled on spaghetti...

We like Quorn crumbles but there are tons of good meat substitutes to choose from.

One of the things that makes this chili unique is the cocoa powder.  Buy the best and freshest you can find.  

Pile on the cheese (lots of vegan options now too!), raw onions if you're brave, and oyster crackers.



Carol said...

I have spent time, over the years, in Cincy. I had friends who went Xavier and I would take the bus down to visit them. Then my brothers when to U of Cincinnati, and one of my brothers met and married a woman from Cincy. I think it is a pretty town, but way too conservative for me.

So instead of me blabbing about myself, I'm sorry your childhood sucked and that I love that chili! Will have to drive down there again soon to see brother and family, and get some of that deliciousness.

Babylon Sisters said...

I had to stop at the airport once since then and even that was bad!

The chili is so good though. It's cooler here today finally so I'm going to put it in the slow cooker and do some yard work. Perfect!

Carol said...

Have a wonderful delicious Sunday!

House Of Babylon said...

Would of been a great yummy dish that could of easily slowly poisoned someone. Hmmmm if only Mom was Italian and watched The Godfather!

Babylon Sisters said...

Ha, ha, how true!