Thursday, May 15, 2014

Calvert, Texas

Yesterday, on the way home from Fort Worth to Houston, we stopped in Calvert, Texas ( pop. 1,192).

Everything was closed.  It seems like some of the shops and cafes that still exist might open on week-ends.  

Some of the buildings had lost their roofs and were being re-claimed by nature.

This colorful "Art of Texas" gallery seems to be abandoned now.

An arbor and seating area next to the gallery.  The artists had gone but they did leave evidence...


LANA said...

That's a really cool-looking little town. I love the old buildings on the main street. What happened? Why did everyone leave?

Babylon Sisters said...

There are so many of these towns in Texas. I think they were based around the trains, farms, etc. Now they just hope to get some tourists passing through. It's the story of America, isn't it?

Michele Wilde said...

This place would make a great artists' colony. We should reclaim it! My only problem is, it's in Texas and I don't want to leave Oregon.