Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Know For Sure...

Oprah writes a page in her magazine each month called "What I Know For Sure".

 Risky business, I'd say.

I can usually see all sides of any argument.

 Here are a few things I know for sure (maybe)...

If someone says, "It's not you, it's me", It's you.

No matter how good looking you are, be careful what color you dye your hair.

Kids and dogs are more important than 'good' furniture.

The book is better.

Mean people suck.


Val said...

This made me laugh. I have the contrary sort of "Oh, really? Well have you considered that...?" thought process too, so your take on the "...for sure" tickled me. :) That said, I've always thought that that column is one of the most intresting in her magazine.

Val said...

". . .interesting," that should have read. What I know for sure is that my own typos annoy me. ;)

JoKnows said...

I would be willing to overlook the blonde hair faux pas. ;)