Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Inspired by the latest Romantic Homes magazine - The Rose Issue, I've been madly snatching up vintage rose items for my Etsy shop.  Look!

Sweet pitcher to use as a vase - for roses!

Pretty bowls

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Love Lanterns

All those lanterns from my Pinterest Bohemian Gypsy Decor board.  Here are some lanterns in our house -

light up the night! xoxo

Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Seem Rich

If you want to seem rich, wear white jeans.  I noticed this when I put mine on this morning and looked EXACTLY like this...

If you want to seem rich, drive an old luxury car.  Everyone will think you bought the best car in the world 40 years ago and have just been too busy and interesting to follow trends.

If you want to seem rich, have sleek hair.  I don't know how to achieve this. My hair is more 'Bride of Frankenstein' than 'Bride of Donald Trump'.

If you want to seem rich, have a personal assistant.  This is especially good if you really don't do anything at all.

If you want to seem rich, act only mildly impressed by things that are mind-bogglingly awesome.  "You just bought the villa next to George Clooney in Italy?  Oh, how FUN."

If you want to seem rich, don't bring money.  Remember when Oprah and some really rich guy went to Costco and neither of them brought any money?  Hahaha, that was so funny.  

If you want to seem rich, have an enormous portrait done of yourself.

Rich people LOVE portraits of themselves.

If you want to seem rich, stop fixing up your house.  Start calling it a 'pile' like they do in England.

If you want to seem rich, don't spend any money.  Everyone will think you're charming and eccentric with gobs of money stashed away somewhere...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Go Angelina!

I'm not much for the "cult of celebrity" but I do admire Angelina Jolie.  I really haven't seen much of her acting, but, the way I look at it, she didn't HAVE to do anything extra.  She could have been just rich, beautiful and famous.  So adopting kids and stirring up shit was just EXTRA and I'm all about EXTRA!

The news about her preventative double mastectomy makes perfect sense to me.  She has six kids.
  She can't die - she's booked.

xoxo to brave mothers!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Don't You...?

open your windows

buy a blazer

hang plants

shop small and local 

wear wild shoes

collect vintage tea cups

camp out

decorate your bathroom lavishly

learn to read palms

Why don't you?  xoxo