Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Without My Turban

I sold this adorable vintage hat in my Etsy shop a while ago - layers of tulle and millinery flowers - love it!

The girl who bought it was sweet enough to send me this picture of how she styled it.  So nice of her!

How cute is that?  A totally new look for something that's been around for years.  That's what I love about vintage and about having an Etsy shop.  I've been wearing, shopping and collecting vintage since I was a teenager.

My "aha" moment was sometime in the late 1970's when I heard the great Canadian scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki speak at a university in Halifax.  He talked about having and making too much 'stuff ' on this planet already and how he bought clothes for his kids at thrift stores.  Now, this might not sound too mind-blowing to you but I was an extremely shy and pretty much poor teenager who would have felt ashamed to shop in thrift stores at that time. Here's someone I totally idolize who would have way more money than me and he's talking about how awesome it is to buy already used things - in front of all these people!

Off to "Frenchy's" I went and the rest is history...

Well, maybe not history, but a whole lot of great clothes, funky apartments and cool shops. 

 Off to sew vintage scarves into gypsy curtains...xoxo        

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sisters on the Fly

Driving home from New Orleans to Houston yesterday we saw one of the "Sisters on the Fly".  It's a group of women who restore vintage campers and then travel around - as they say, "having more fun than anyone". I LOVE their vintage trailers.  Look!

The interiors are awesome too...

You can find the Sisters on the Fly book here for more great pictures and stories.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something from Nothing...

Here's an old hippie vegetable dish that's so good and only needs one special ingredient - everything else you already have!  All you need to do is cut up carrots, sweet potatoes and winter squash.  I just had carrots and a sweet potato tonight to I cut them up in chunks.

Throw them in a baking dish with a few smallish chunks of Earth Balance (we adore Earth Balance!)

Then sprinkle some garam masala and maybe a bit of brown sugar.  Magic!

garam masala is gorgeous.  just try it !  Go easy at first - cover the vegetables with foil and bake while you're doing everything else.  Yummo!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Photographs Please!

My grandson does not want his picture taken.  He's four years old and he's not kidding...

"I just want to be let alone" - Greta Garbo

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hippie Decor

Let's decorate the dome from Babylon Sister's Etsy shop!  A few hippie must-haves...

original painting in funky wood frame

vintage tin for herbal tea

sweet little Chinese bowls for miso soup

Nemadji Indian pottery

beaded hanging vase

mushroom spoon rest

framed herb guide poster

ash trays from the Holiday Inn in Morocco 

oil lamps -  especially helpful if you don't actually HAVE electricity...

Candle, incense holder and little stash can - I call this one the hippie gift set

Love and peace xoxo