Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things You Need At Prices You Can Afford

You know that catalog on the plane of things you didn't know you needed?  Well, here's my version - all from Etsy...

When you cannot find a coin because you spent all of your money on lottery tickets - a scratch off tool

For hiding and smoking - a personal, portable ash tray

Don't fight! a monogrammed i-phone charger

No excuse not to take your meds - folding cup and pill case

For the type of people who would go on TV to buy a house - his and hers tape measures

I would just lose this too - key finder

I love this one!  I've seen those tall cylinder things at thrift stores for years and didn't know what they were for - hairspray and tissue holders

Popular in our family - pocket rosary holder

Apply - blot - apply - lipstick pads

This one is all about the word - vintage lorgnette  

Again, it's the word -  "Darling, are you wearing your snood today?"

Awesome - copper sea turtle guitar pick stand

This is way better than where I keep my needles - lost in the couch cushions - antique needle holder

just cute - scotty dog cigarette lighter

before Google - question settler book

See!  Don't you just NEED these things?


Andrea said...

I really do. I almost want to take up smoking again for that portable ashtray!

Babylon Sisters said...

Thought the lottery ticket thing for Julie for sure!