Saturday, July 20, 2013

Boho Curtains from Vintage Saris

I've been making bohemian curtains from vintage saris for my Etsy shop.  I love the fabric and design of saris and am always looking for ways to re-use them.  My daughter came up with this idea...

Because of where the border design is on the sari, the trick is to take it apart and then sew it back together.  I cut it lengthwise down the middle then cut each long length in half.

Then I piece it back together so that the design matches - like this.

The sewing is not hard - it's mainly a matter of ironing ( a LOT of ironing) and measuring. 

Our neighbor when we lived in New Orleans, the mystery writer Julie Smith, had a rainbow of saris covering a whole wall.  Isn't it gorgeous?


Linda Wolf said...

Clever manipulation of the sari. Your curtains look super! I know it's always a challenge for me to figure out how to utilize the gorgeous fall part of the sari.

Thanks for posting the photo fro your former neighbor's house. How cool is that?

Babylon Sisters said...

Thanks for your nice comment! I really need to stop it with the saris though...they're so gorgeous!