Friday, July 12, 2013

Hippie Essentials - The Record Collection

Everyone TREASURED their record collection!  When we moved (which was OFTEN) we used these plastic milk crates to move our records.

peace, love, & Pink Floyd xoxo


Linda Wolf said...

Perhaps THE Classic of Classic Rock! Dark Side of the Moon was the second album I ever bought. (Electric Warrior from T. Rex was the first.) Had to save up $5 from my $1.85 and hour job to buy an LP. ;)

In a recent interview, Keith Richards talked about how he preferred the sound of vinyl to digital.

While the old record collection was indeed cherished and comforting, I don't want one again although my husband would disagree. It's a space thing. I actually wouldn't mind having it all my music on the Cloud. But, I agree that vintage record collections are SO COOL looking! Thanks for the great post. ;)

Ruby said...

You got a huge record collection there! I think you might need to have extra shelves to store them. By the way, using those milk crates is just genius.

Ruby Badcoe