Sunday, July 14, 2013

Focus on Fondue

I found this awesome fondue set at a thrift store -

So, of course, I'm thinking -FONDUE PARTY!

These two vintage cookbooks from poesty should come in handy...

I just listed this chip and dip bowl set and great fiberglass serving tray on my Etsy shop - perfect for a party!

I also listed these 70's Pyrex spice jars.  I DREAM of organizing my pantry with all cute jars and labels instead of boxes, cans and bags that fall out and kill you when the door opens...sigh!

I have to admit that my only actual memory of fondue from the 70's is a somewhat terrifying pot of hot oil and chunks of raw meat to dip in it.   That's not going to happen...

I think CHEEZE is the answer.  I like the sound of this recipe from Better With Veggies.

So, the menu is decided.  Now, what to wear??

peace, love and palazzos xoxo

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JoKnows said...

I so love the idea of fondue pots and parties. My mom has given me a couple of sets. I have yet to have the fondue party though. I'll get to it one day! I would rather just come to yours though. ;)