Saturday, June 15, 2013

Save or Splurge?

Babylon Sisters are DEVOTED to second-hand and thrift store shopping.  But, can we find everything on Etsy or at thrift stores?  What should we save on and what should we splurge on?  Glad you asked...

SAVE on vintage dishware.  Buy what you love.  

Mix.  Don't match!

SPLURGE on food.  Buy the best you can find.  Fresh, organic, local...

SAVE on picture frames.  Thrift stores are full of them!

SPLURGE on family photos.  Capture those moments!

SAVE on a totally unique beaded and sequined jacket.

SPLURGE on some great jeans to go with it.  

SAVE on vintage vinyl.  You know you want to!

SPLURGE on a new record player.  We've bought some old and funky ones from E-bay but haven't had much luck...

SAVE on some gorgeous vintage lamps...

SPLURGE on checking the wiring is safe and some LED bulbs.


SAVE on a vintage sundress

SPLURGE on cute sandals to go with it!

Happy shopping! xoxo