Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Lace

I have a huge box of old doilies and lace - another one of those things I just can't pass up at the thrift stores! While I'm waiting for more vintage scarves to arrive for making gypsy curtains I'm thinking about doing some things with lace...


princess crowns

cuffs with old jewelry

embellished bottles


with fabric stiffener for candle holders

love this and I already have the suitcase...

sweet journal

Mother's day gift?

All of these ideas are from my Pinterest 'make it' board.  Now, to get busy...


Tilda said...

Love all of these ideas! Especially the bottles, crowns and candle holders. I've seen people make scarves out of bits of lace and doilies---something I've been meaning to try :)

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I love that dream catcher, and the suitcase. Fantastic! Minerva x

Dede said...

Love all the ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!