Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thrift Score!

I found this great table for outside at a thrift store today.  It came with 5 chairs for $200.  It's metal with heavy granite tiles so I think it would have been quite expensive originally. I saw it when I first walked in but didn't want the chairs because we had just bought these new colorful ones.  After a while I noticed a lady talking to the store guys and realized she was trying to figure out what to do because she didn't want the table!

The goddess of thrifting was smiling on us!  She offered to pay $125 for the chairs and I paid $75 for the table.  We were both thrilled with our purchases and the store guys were really happy - it's a charity shop so big sales are important to them. 

Off to have coffee on the deck  xoxo


Tilda said...

Serendipity! You were there at just the right moment :)

Dixie said...

Don't you just love when that happens! ;)

Bohemian said...

Oh what a great Story of mutual cooperation to get the greatest of perfect Scores with nothing unnecessary having to be dealt with! I too 'Scored' a Retro Diner Table today that is so Nostalgic I am now reconsidering re-selling it and may instead move it in to replace an existing table and flip that one instead! Now... to find the perfect "I Love Lucy" Chairs to go around it... *Winks* I'll be rather like that Dear Lady... needing only the chairs! *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian