Friday, March 29, 2013

Moisturize Or Else!

You can never be too rich, too thin - or too well moisturized.  Dull paste-y looking skin is the MOST aging thing there is.  I know.  I watch people at airports.

I know the natural girls say you can just go in the kitchen and find something to throw on your skin.  I suppose you could if you were raised by wolves. I prefer a more civilized approach.  Here are some products I love -

Karma kream from Lush.  Gorgeous orange flower and patchouli scent.

Born lippy from the Body Shop

Zum body lotion from Indigo Wild.  Fantastic fragrances.

Neutrogena body oil on damp skin right out of the shower. Don't waste your money on the store brand substitutes.  I already did that for you.

This Wise Woman day cream from the Body Shop leaves almost a sparkle-sheen.  We definitely want to sparkle!

Smashbox primers.  Do I really need a foundation primer?  Yes. You do.

Order this 'face firmer' oil from Heidi's Holistic Blends.  I use it the same as you would a 'serum'.  It smells gorgeous, it doesn't remotely irritate my skin, and it makes my La Mer go on a million times better and last longer.  It's $20 and lasts forever.  You're welcome!

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Linda Wolf said...

You are so right!

Remember how we didn't worry about such things back in the day? It was more like "pass the baby oil". Argh!

Thanks for the recommendations. :)