Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cocktail Time!

Sometimes a cocktail is the answer - who cares what the question was...

As Nigella Lawson says,  "Bloody Mary is the girl for me".  Her recipe for a pitcherful is always a part of family gatherings at our house.

In Canada, it's a "Bloody Caesar".  The difference is Clamato juice instead of vegetable juice.  Also, the rim of the glass is dipped in lemon juice and celery salt.

In New Orleans, the Bloody Mary follows the popular local adage, "If something is worth doing, it's worth over-doing".  Lots of garnish, lots of spice, lots of vodka!

You can buy pepper flavored vodka but something we like to do that makes up feel terribly creative is put some dried chili peppers in a bottle of good vodka just for making bloody marys.  You can find dried chili peppers in a little package in the Spanish section of the super market. It gets pretty hot so start out by putting just a couple in and leaving it for a week or more.  


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Tilda said...

Hey, good idea, I never thought to just put some chilies in a bottle. Bet you could do it with a vanilla bean as well. Cheers!