Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Without My Turban

I sold this adorable vintage hat in my Etsy shop a while ago - layers of tulle and millinery flowers - love it!

The girl who bought it was sweet enough to send me this picture of how she styled it.  So nice of her!

How cute is that?  A totally new look for something that's been around for years.  That's what I love about vintage and about having an Etsy shop.  I've been wearing, shopping and collecting vintage since I was a teenager.

My "aha" moment was sometime in the late 1970's when I heard the great Canadian scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki speak at a university in Halifax.  He talked about having and making too much 'stuff ' on this planet already and how he bought clothes for his kids at thrift stores.  Now, this might not sound too mind-blowing to you but I was an extremely shy and pretty much poor teenager who would have felt ashamed to shop in thrift stores at that time. Here's someone I totally idolize who would have way more money than me and he's talking about how awesome it is to buy already used things - in front of all these people!

Off to "Frenchy's" I went and the rest is history...

Well, maybe not history, but a whole lot of great clothes, funky apartments and cool shops. 

 Off to sew vintage scarves into gypsy curtains...xoxo        


Conversations with the Muses said...

Hello you wonderful blog lady! I look at your blog all the time but rarely leave comments. However I adore your posts and find a lot of inspiration there. Like you I though thrift stores were for the poor and somewhere in my 20s a friend introduced me to several in the Haight Ashburry area of San Francisco. I was HOOKED. I have shopped in Thrift stores ever since and like you have had many lovely funky homes and a great wardrobe! I have even turned this passion for repurposing great things into a vintage and bohemian prop rental business called Vintage Vignettes. You see I am a designer of weddings and events and I love to supplement with lots of fun props. It naturally evolved into a rental business. I adore the bohemian look and lifestyle and am happily living the life of an artist. Thank you for your gorgeous blog, it is truly eye candy for my soul!
Tricia Fountaine
Vintage Vignettes site:

JoKnows said...

That hat is awesome, and the buyer styled it so impressively. I could NOT carry that off. I would have found that Suzuki speech inspiring too. I got away from thrifting for so many years after my teen years. He would no doubt have sent me back to it sooner!

House Of Babylon said...

Just as I was having a coffee and reading this my neighbor was putting "out to the street" a vintage yellow rod iron plant stand. Grabbed Cam, put our boots on, ran down the steps, open door, IT WAS GONE! Cam said, " you didn't get it Mommy!" Ugh!

Linda said...

Love that story!! I love thrift shops flea markets...anyday over a mall...I hate stores...there is something more grounding in roaming through a thrift store..So much more interesting & eclectic!! Who wants to be run of the mill!! Right my friend...:D