Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Prayer on the Wind

I have these prayer flags from Art ToGo on Etsy.  Love them!  Here's more...

Also from ArtToGo.  You know you're going to love a shop whose motto is "I'm on a mission to sew happiness".

Valentine Love from MirandaGrayStudio

Beautiful color from EasternSunPrintworks

Personalized prayer flags by Cazmira

"Prayers for the Earth" at earthsteps.  A beautiful shop - check it out!

A fantastic sentiment at JerseyMurmurs.  That's right!  I AM luminous with age!

Wonderful words at BooBahBlue

A sweet Shalom banner at NahanniFabricArts

Rainbow peace prayer flags at MamaMoonflower


Joanne Madeline Moore said...

I have just discovered your blog and love it! Have added you to the links page on my new blog.
Best wishes,

Linda said...

I especially love the ones "prayers for the earth" They are all so pretty & diverse...Great post...