Saturday, January 12, 2013

La Mer Update

A while ago I did a post about if I should take the plunge and buy some La Mer face cream.  I decided to go ahead and buy it or I would just never know.

I ordered it from the La Mer web-site and didn't read the little pamphlet that was enclosed so I had no idea why it was so thick!  I was a bit horrified at first.  You can't put it on damp skin as I had always tried to do with moisturizer.  You have to warm it between your fingers and press it into your skin.  It takes some getting used to.

I was considering getting the 'soft' cream this time but the lady at Saks said that wasn't a good idea for this time of year.  Winter = dry skin, even in Houston.

Wait, how did I end up in Saks?  Why didn't I just use this $5 jar of cream that's all over Pinterest as recommended by Dr. Oz ?  I had fully intended to try the St. Ives to really see if the La Mer was worth the money.  I lasted exactly one day.

I started to turn into an alligator without the La Mer.   I don't even go to malls but I didn't feel I was able to wait the time it would take to order it on-line.  

The thing is, I don't expect to look younger or any foolishness like that.  It's really just about comfort.  La Mer works.  It moisturizes.  That's all I ask.  It lasts and it works.  Sold!


Dixie said...

Your expectations are reasonable. I'm glad that you tried it and that it indeed worked for you. Once again, I can't be without La is so soothing to my skin,my makeup goes on so well, and fine lines around my eyes fade away. Luv it ♥

Babylon Sisters said...

Soothing is exactly the word - you're so right!