Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Don't You...

Today, why don't you...

Take a break from your shopping.  Stop.  Sit.  Watch.

Put on some Christmas music.  Sing real loud.

Bake something fantastic.  Remember, Julia Child said, "nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should.” 

Be nice.

Just for tonight, pretend you have no electricity.

Plan a trip.

Go outside.

Turn off the news.  Watch something funny instead.

Remember where you came from.  Honor your ancestors.

Wage peace.


SquirrelHeart said...

Lovely post :) So much of the real spirit of the season get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Linda said...

I needed this today...and such good advice...I have only gone out to the stores for groceries & it is depressing how unhappy people look...I agree time to get back to the simplicity of the season...


Bohemian said...

Today I'm doing just that my Friend... it's Raining outside and we have decided to cancel all Plans for the weekend & remain inside and just Enjoy each other and the Simplicity of the Season... it is Refreshing and Cathartic. I'm still in my Pajamas at 4:51 pm and I'm Enjoying every moment of being still & having no itinerary.

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Dina@VintageAdvantage said...

Such a nice post! I think tomorrow is a good day for baking yummy things in my PJ's :-)
PS I like your Vonnegut quote over there>>>
That's a good one!

Babylon Sisters said...

thanks so much for your comments!

Linda Wolf said...

Awesome! Right on!
Thank you for that.