Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Own Private Pinterest

I love that Pinterest now gives us the option for private boards.  It's not that I have anything to hide - or a massive amount of followers who would even care.  My main reason for having a private board is so I can pin gift ideas for my family.  The other reason is for pinning things quickly that I just like and can't really explain or categorize.  Here are some things I pinned 'just because' - I guess I just can't keep a secret...

an Olsen moment...

Cape Breton chow-chow


I don't know what it really looks like because I'm afraid of heights but this is "Sierra" by Boz Scaggs to me.

crazy pants

Voodoo hanging can things...

love jewelry, love black


meatless loaf - because Thanksgiving is tough for vegetarians

more crazy pants

stop it with the plastic bags!

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House Of Babylon said...

Des, Cam and I bought the whole Trader Joe's Thanksgiving dinner! It was REALLY good! Don't forget their Cranberry Sauce, Delicious!