Friday, November 30, 2012


Some looks I love for cooler days - all from my Pinterest 'fashion' board -


JoKnows said...

Those are beautiful choices. I tend to stick with mostly black, but I wish I could get it together and accessorize more.

Alicia Sotherland said...

I really enjoyed this today.. Not only did I get some fashion tips, but I also got some cool ideas on what to do with all my frizzy hair!!
Hope your doing good. I haven't blogged for ages. I am on facebook more these days. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I sure appreciate it. xx00

Babylon Sisters said...

I'm an all black person too. I did try to bust out with some color but it all ended up in the Salvation Army.

Rachel said...

I pinned the top one too, it's so beautiful.

The grey velvet, navy combo is also beautiful. I'll definitely be repinning that. :-)