Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Miracle in a Jar?

I've been wondering for awhile if I should buy some La Mer face cream.  I could probably swing the $150 for the 1 ounce size (once, at least).  Do I want it?  Am I missing something?  I've read that Mick Jagger uses it faithfully.

I'm just not sure I would spend that much.  Then the Nordstrom catalog comes and I see that $150 is nothing.

La Prairie Cellular Power Serum is $475 for the 1.7 oz size and, get this, due to high demand you're only allowed to buy up to 6 'units' in a 30 day period.  What's going on here?  I'm worried now.

I bought this one after seeing on Pinterest that Dr. Oz says it's the only one you really need.  It was about $5.      Dr. Oz, would you steer us wrong?  I did use a prescription retinol cream for about a year once but I found that after a year, I was a year older so I didn't really bother with it anymore.  

Seriously though, what I am interested in is skin that doesn't look pasty and dry.  My extensive people-watching at airports has led me to conclude that pasty skin is a very ageing look.  Luminous is what I'm interested in and I'm willing to pay for it - to a point.  That point is not $475.  For that price you'd need to actually BECOME younger and I sure don't want that.

I remember years ago Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop, said something to the effect that it doesn't really matter what you put on your face, it's all just moisturizer.  I think she got in big trouble for saying such a thing but I sort of thought it might be true.  Now, I'm not so sure.  

I guess I'll order this book from Amazon and see what Paula says.  I always used to like reading her books until she came out with her own skin care line which made me not quite trust her opinions anymore.  Hopefully, she has some truthful information.  I'm in a panic!  I'll let you know...


Dina said...

Haha...I'm laughing reading this because I seem to think all the same thoughts from time to time! I met a fascinating lady recently (she came to my house to buy some vintage Vogue magazines) who is a cosmetic chemist. She told me that basically nothing can permeate the skin's defensive outer layers, and that it's all a bunch of "hooha". She said save your money and buy the cheapest thing (like the St. Ives Dr. Oz recommended) because it's all basically the same. If the lotion/cream could actually DO anything, other than moisturize the surface, the FDA would classify it as a drug. When you buy the expensive stuff, you're paying for slightly higher-quality perfumes, nice packaging, and lots of advertising!!
Anyway, I thought what she said was fascinating. Save your money...skip the La Mer!

Babylon Sisters said...

Thanks, I totally needed to hear that! I was being tempted...

Dixie said...

I have a different opinion. I have been using La Mer for probably 10 years and I can't live without it. My makeup goes on much smoother and it has even lightened a sun spot. Where I notice the miracle is around my eyes...that is basically where I use it and I noticed the change immediately. So at least give it a try and decide if it works for you. I have nothing to do with this company...I just love the product.