Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grey Hair Update

I've been going back and forth about dyeing my mostly grey hair since this post.  I stopped dyeing it for quite awhile and was quite grey.

Emmylou Harris is a popular example of gorgeous grey hair.  She also happens to be gorgeous.  Regular people don't look like this.

Helen Mirren.  Also gorgeous.

Grey hair is very cute if your face looks like you're 12 years old.

I think my grey hair would look more like this.

The best solution for me right now is to have highlights and lowlights.  I love Diane Keaton's hair!  Her style in general is great and her face looks natural.  I'm not a fan of plastic surgery.

That being said, Jane Fonda looks fabulous.  I know this is a wig but isn't it great hair?  This is from a movie called Peace, Love &Misunderstanding. Jane Fonda plays a free-spirit hippie grandmother living in Woodstock, New York.  It's number one  in my Netflix queue.

I also like colorful streaks.  Sally's has some brush in streaks in great colors that wash out.

The problem that I have with grey hair is the same as the problem that I have with the diet industry.  I call it "disappearing woman syndrome".  Women in our society disappear as they age.  In some ways it's a relief.  I'm glad to not be so self-conscious.  I'm glad not to hear whistles and weird kissing noises when I walk by creepy men.  But I wasn't really prepared to disappear completely.  I know grey hair is just a superficial part of the process but I think if you are going to have grey hair you can't go bland with it.  

Keep some drama in your look!

Be your own kind of beautiful.


Barbara said...

This is a great post - I've been struggling with the same issue. I'm 46, and while my hair is still mostly brown, the grey is coming in fast and furious. Part of me knows I should embrace it and leave it natural, but the other part of me thinks I'm too young to go "all grey". Also, I try to live a natural lifestyle, and the idea of dumping chemicals on my head doesn't sit well with me. I agree with you that keeping your style edgy and fun is key - just 'cause you're grey doesn't mean you have to act OLD! I have photos of lots of gorgeous grey hair on my Pinterest board, Hair & Makeup, if you need some more inspiration. :)

SquirrelHeart said...

I've been thinking a lot about these issues of late as well. And I started to get really depressed about it... But I came across Ari Seth Cohens blog ADVAMCED STYLE and it really made my day---a blog devoted to older women (and some men) who often times view style as art. I think that is what is freeing about getting older---you can really concentrate on making a statement free from the mainstream expectations that you look like a 14 year old or a stripper (or both)! And Miuccia
Prada is absolutely right :)

Bohemian said...

A great Post. The Issue I've had with my hair is that not very much of it was going Grey, but it was just losing all lustre and highlights of the Natural Color it once was & looking drab and like the Grey that was there needed to blend more in a balanced way so I didn't look like Lily Munster... though to be sure Lily Munster pulled off her look FABULOUSLY! *Winks* So, I opted for Highlights and Lowlights and I Love it. I Hope you find the right Balance of Color that appeals to you and makes you feel absolutely Fabulous at any Age!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Linda said...

I have struggled with the same 57 my hair is still dark brown but if I let the gray start it only goes around my is not flattering, ages me terrible, so I am still throwing a dye on once in a while...I had thought about dreadlocks...I love them!!! but my daughter freaked when I mentioned it I continue to look for something...Lots of great photos you posted !! I have Peace,Love& Understanding on my list too can't wait for it... :)

Alicia Sotherland said...

Loved your post here!! I think women our age are going through not only an inward change but an outward change. What to keep, what to cover up and what to glorify. I think it is up to each woman. But be true to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with gray hair you by no means should put up with it. Same goes for don't have to dress like your age. I think the perfect gauge is how you feel inside.
And whatever age that is or whatever look or style that is.. then that is you!!! Love ya!!

Helga! said...

This is an EXCELLENT post!!

Anonymous said...

Found this post via Pinterest and I LOVE it...I am approaching 40 and not ready to cut my hair short and perm it quite yet!

zendegy said...

man, oh, man. i left 40 behind a decade ago...i watch the women around me trying desperately to pretend they are younger than they are with hair color and painful heels and too much makeup. i do NOT want to be among that number. i am getting old. that's what happens. i can accept that and anyone who can't can go take a flying leap.

Lisa said...

I think rather than just going with "how you feel" it's important to think about why you feel the way you do. Afraid of dying? Afraid of losing love in your life? Being rejected by the majority of the culture as increasingly unimportant / irrelevant? You need to think about embracing your purpose. For me, I'm tired of pretending to be someone I'm not anymore .... I'm 46 and 50%+ gray. Big deal. I'm alive, I'm healthy and I have people in my life who love me for me. I have no interest in making a fool out of myself (as the previous poster said) wearing gobs of makeup, fake hair, super skinny, high heels, trashy clothes. That is not fooling anyone ... everyone knows how old you are regardless of your disguises. As my grandmother said, "Be yourself." Period.

Beth said...

Just took the jump into dying my greying hair full on grey! I'm pulling it off and loving this liberating look!!! I'm 53, I'm still fabulous and loving life! I've had nothing but incredible complements! Gentlemen like natural!!!

Naji Filali said...

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

Loblolly said...

I love this post. I'm 55 and have been gray (and now white) since my twenties. I've been coloring it since then, too, as advised by my hairdressers. I have been using highlights and would like to try silver highlights to start the transition process to full-on gray. I think this might be the answer! I don't believe I will look like Emmy Lou or Helen either. My face seems too pale and my circles too dark. I'm afraid I'll look like a zombie! I'm not scared of being old - I just want the outward transition to be a little more gradual.