Sunday, August 12, 2012


Expressions I HAT...really don't like:

1. The word hate.  We were taught in Catholic school not to say "hate".  It stuck.
2.  "my bad"  not.proper.grammar.
3. periods.after.each.word.
4. "eye candy"  over-used and slightly sickeningly sweet.
5. "stunning"  Angelina Jolie in an evening gown is stunning.  Something you are selling on Etsy is not.
6. "boy" or "girl" if you are no longer one.
7.  "awesome*"  see Eddie Izzard  *only to be used ironically as in "I just jammed my finger in the car door -    awesome."
8. "to die for" Throughout history people have died for their beliefs, their loved ones... I would not die for anything on the dessert menu.
9.  "I'm not racist, but..."  You are.
10.  "Don't take this personally".  There is no other way to take it.


Kelly Marszycki said...

Enjoyed this posting! I'd like to add: really. Either a thing is or is not. To add really is to irritate the listener.

Linda said...

I am guilty of the word awesome!! LOL this is good post...really makes you think about what your saying...the internet doesn't help either...we tend to make short burst of comments..there was a time when we wrote letters with complete sentences...where have they gone???

Enjoyed this one..:)

Bohemian said...

Oh God I am Guilty of more than a few of these! *LOL* Thanks for stopping by and relating to my Edit & Purge Post and mutually admiring those things that I Love so much that they aren't going anywhere. *Winks* Good luck with your own Edit & Purge, I've found the longer I am dedicated to the Process the easier it is becoming and I am Simplifying my Life considerably. It's all Beautiful but oh so much Work to take care of! Now I have to take a peek at your Beautiful Gypsy Curtains!!! {I resisted the urge to call them Awesome... Smiles}

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Dina said...

Haha! What a funny post :-)
I, too, am guilty of a few of these...especially "awesome"! I grew up at the beach and the surfer-dude lingo is thoroughly grafted onto my soul. There's just no escaping the "awesomes", "rads" and "dudes" that pop out of my mouth, especially when I'm enthusiastic about something. I totally agree with you about the "I'm not a racist, but..." and "don't take this personally..." It's like when people start a sentence by saying, "I don't mean to offend you, but..." Then don't say it!
Ahhh, people... aren't they wonderful? ;-)