Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's raining in Houston.  It's been raining.  It's going to rain more.
We are so happy!

After last year's drought, we need all the rain we can get.

We could be roasting away right now at 110 with blazing sun.

The plants are so happy and the frogs are loudly rejoicing.

The thin, gray rain that toadstools love. The persistent rain that knows every hidden entrance into collar and shopping bag. The quiet rain that can rust a tin roof without the tin roof making a sound in protest. The shamanic rain that feeds the imagination. The rain that seems actually a secret language, whispering, like the ecstasy of primitives, of the essence of things." - Tom Robbins, from: Still Life with Woodpecker 


Linda said...

I hope we get some of that rain...It is getting very dry here in Maine now....Love that Robbins quote...a secret language...brilliant...


☮Bohemian Mamaw☮ said...

i'm now getting some rain in kentucky and i'm grateful too!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.