Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love books.  Really love books.  I've been a reader since I was about 5 - a slow learner compared to some people, I know.  One of my daughters is a reader and was probably reading before that age.  I know for sure that when she was asked to do a book report in elementary school she wanted to do it on the book she was reading at the time -  Franz Kafka - The Complete Stories.  I'm not making this up.

I don't have a huge amount of books right now.  I have a lot of books but I've had more.  I've actually had so many books at times that I've been on the verge of needing special movers.  Like the ones who move pianos.

I have my books organized by color in bookcases right now.  They're close to where I usually sit in the living room and their presence is a comfort to me.

I haven't actually read War and Peace but I've read some honkers.  Books you can hardly lift.  No problem.

Here, in no particular order are some authors and books I really love -

My copy of this book looks like this and it's not the first one I've had.  It is fabulous and magical.  Really.  I guarantee you will never again be able to go to Grand Central Station without looking for Peter Lake.

Speaking of magic, The Mists of Avalon is also magical and about as close to religion as I like to get.  I have a blue crescent moon tattoo.  It's modern times so not woad and not on my forehead.  If you've read it you'll know what I mean.

Two fantastic authors - Barbara Kingolver and Louise Erdrich.

Nancy Lemann's books will break your heart into a million pieces on the floor.

Another Roadside Attraction.  Even Cowgirls Get The Blues.  Tom Robbins.  Simply The Best.

Anne Rice might have ups and downs but don't forget Interview.  It's brilliant.

Bohemian before it was cool.  The movie is good too.

Some of Garrison Keillor's writing makes me laugh so hard I cry but, then again, I'm a total cornball.

What are your favorites?  Please tell me in case I'm missing something.  Rave on word on printed page...


☮Bohemian Mamaw☮ said...

as far as fiction goes, i tend toward mystery/suspense as my favorite genre: stephen king (darktower series and the cell); dean koontz (everything!); john saul; harlan coben; and patricia cornwell. some favorites i recommend: "the mutant message from down under" is about the mystical life of the aborigines of australia (by marlo morgan, and i just found out there's a second one! "mutant message from forever"); "black elk speaks" (essentially a biography of lakota medicine man black elk); russell means' "don't tread on me" (an autobiography, including his account of the aim movement and the incident at wounded knee); james redfield's "celestine prophecy" books; and dan millman's "peaceful warrior".

☮Bohemian Mamaw☮ said...

sorry, correction on two of those titles: russell means' book is titled "where white men fear to tread" and the black elk book i read is "black elk: the sacred ways of a lakota" by wallace black elk (black elk speaks is a different book and may be about wallace black elk's father, if memory serves)

Anonymous said...

Jim Butcher's "Harry Dresden" series.
Islandia by Austen Tappen Wright - I've read it many times even though it's a door stopper!
The Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.
Kelley Armstong's "Women of the Other World" series.

Babylon Sisters said...

thanks - I'm so intrigued to check these out!!