Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today I'm thinking about some vintage pieces in my Etsy shop and how to wear them.

Love the colors in this 80's beaded jacket.

Now I would totally dress it down.  This one is from Sisters of the Black Moon and sold on e-bay for $405!

This gypsy skirt by Carole Little is amazing.  It's fully lined with a gorgeous sequined design.

It should be worn with tons of accessories.  The wine cork belt is awesome!

1970's high waisted wide leg Wrangler jeans.

This is how we do it.

Cotton calico maxi dress.

Good for wearing in a field with people.  A lot of people.

Pale and flowy vintage nightgown.

Should be worn reclining...


Linda said...

Love this post!!! I wish I was in that field right now...:)

God I forgot about those high waisted jeans...not my favorite...LOL
Love that beaded jacket tho...

Always love these posts you do...


Babylon Sisters said...

Thanks - you're so sweet!