Thursday, June 14, 2012


Have you seen this fantastic lamp on Pinterest?

Well, it turns out there's MORE and they're at peacockgypsy's Etsy shop. Look at these amazing creations !

I have just the place in my living room for that last one - sigh...

If you like things along the baroque-victorian-gothic lines like I do you must check out Gothic Rose Antiques.  There's an actual shop in Placerville, California, an on-line shop at their own web-site, and also an Etsy shop.

I'ver never been to Placerville but I think it would be worth the trip.

Admittedly, I'm not brave enough for taxidermy or human hair, but there are some gorgeous items I could live with.

Love these witchy jars!

Wonderful old oil portrait.

A mysterious mask.

An 18th century sedan chair used as a fortune telling booth.  

Antique hat.


Gayle said...

Those lamps are gorgeous! I love Gothic Rose Antiques too, but I agree, some things aren't for gaters!!(unless they are cowboy boots!:)

Alicia Sotherland said...

wow.. love those lamps.. also I have been to Placerville.. its a beautiful town..that alone is worth the trip.. maybe next time I am up there I will look them up.. did I say how much I love those lamps????