Thursday, May 3, 2012

We Have Nothing To Wear

We went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans this past week-end.  Great music, great food, etc.. Great opportunity for me to engage in one of my favorite pastimes which is scoping out women around my age (around 50) and seeing how they look.  It's becoming a bit of an obsession.  Mainly because, wow, it's not easy!

Even if you're a creative type of person it's hard not to look too costume-y in real life.  This looks so beautiful but can I pull if off going to the post office and Whole Foods?  O.K., it would probably work at Whole Foods..

It would be excellent if your real life involved wearing costumes.

This would be the vision in my mind of a gorgeous and creative outfit...

This would be more the reality of how it would look.  Creative can end up looking cuckoo very easily.  That being said, this lady is old enough to look anyway she wants, I'm not quite there yet...

I basically wear some version of this everyday.

What I would love to wear would be this

and this.  It's about 100 degrees in Houston most of the year (mild exaggeration) though so that won't work.

Love this but probably still too much fabric.

Better, but arms showing or not?  Another one of the big questions.

This might be more like it.

She looks great.

Creative - in a good way.

Tunics are our friend.

I did notice at Jazz Fest that the combination of a bit of sparkle with "normal" clothes looks really good.  

Creative done right.

Conservative done right.

Still, this is what I'd rather wear.  Sigh...

All images are from my Pinterest Fashion Board.


Linda said...

LOL this was a wonderful post...and so true!!! I have developed the comfy clothes stage at this time in my life...and love the tunics and yoga pants...but I am losing weight for my health and hope as a side benefit I can wear some of the more stylish clothes...I will however never give up the comfy clothes...LOL Love all the pictures Great choices...:)


Linda said...

and I am so hooked on Pinterest too!! LOL