Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mexican Circle Skirts

Have you ever seen vintage hand painted Mexican circle skirts?  Absolutely amazing!  Look at these gorgeous works of art from Etsy -


Dina said...

Oh, I love those!!! My favorite of the ones you featured is the one from "Mel's Vanity"
I think one of the reason I like them is they remind me of those paintings on black velvet :-)
I can't really wear this style of circle skirt, though...they make me look like a stump. Or a fire hydrant.

Babylon Sisters said...

Ha, ha, I'd look like "the broad side of a barn", as my grandmother would say! You do notice that none of them are shown on a person. That being said, we do have one friend with that hourglass figure who wears beautiful gathered skirts all the time - such a show-off!