Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday!

Here's what I'm happy about today...

I was picked for jury duty this week and the case was settled out of court.  I'm SO happy about this!  It was scheduled to be a two week trial and it was mostly about MOLD.  Two weeks of driving downtown, wearing "business casual" clothing and freezing to death in too much air conditioning and terrible lighting. I'm all about the civic duty thing but this was civil court and they needed to work it out without dragging everyone else into it, which they did.  Hooray!!

A politician said something interesting AND brave!  

We're going to see Dark Shadows this week-end.  I don't usually like movie theaters but we go to Alamo Drafthouse which has yummy food and drinks so it's not so bad.

AND - It's raining in Houston.  A good thing!

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Linda said...

LOL great post...and I think what Obama did was right on!!

I am thinking of going to see Dark Shadows looks like a riot...and so far I have never have been called to jury duty and I hope I never am...but if I am I sure hope it is very dodged a bullet GF!!! LOL

Have a great weekend!!