Monday, May 7, 2012

ETSY Love!

Here's what I'm loving on Etsy today...

This vest from AllThingsPretty

OUIJA board table from tinkwitch

lampshade from Missremaidsweden

Pink leather cuff bracelet from TrailerParkGypsy

Hmong textile patches from KulshiMumkin.  I'm going to order them to patch some jeans...

Romantic maxi dress from vintageopulence.

Jeweled Marie Antoinette portraits from fairydustedmermaids.

Love these door flags from ArtToGo.



Linda said...

Great picks as always!!! I LOVE that vest and the pink cuff...those would style well together....:) Love the colors in that maxi dress too..:)

Barbara said...

Love your choices! That ouija board is beyond cool.

Babylon Sisters said...

I know! Too bad I'm trying to make money on Etsy instead of spend it!