Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Projects in Progress

Here's what I'm working on today -

My gypsy tent sanctuary.  It's a canvas gazebo from Ikea with curtains all around (included) for only $149.  I added a bamboo mat, comfy chair and flags from Art to Go.  Love it!

These jeans.  I drew the design with fabric markers and am in the process of embroidering and beading over it.  These are for my Etsy shop.

The design on the jeans was somewhat inspired by this beautiful drawing I found on Pinterest.


Rachel said...

Ooo I'd love to have my own gypsy tent and yours is looking good.

That mat is beautiful, did it come with the butterflies on it?

Babylon Sisters said...

It did - I found it at "Big Lots" in New Orleans. I'm thinking of adding layers of scarves and fabrics to the curtains - I'll probably get carried away, I usually do!

Linda said...

I am going to have to make a tent for myself....that looks like so much fun!!!

Love those jeans....very 60's....you have inspired me to embroider some pieces for my sling bag.... and why didn't I think of fabric markers...duh....

Have a great evening...:)

Babylon Sisters said...

I'm glad they look 60's to you - that's what I was going for but I wasn't sure. Your sling bag looks great so far - can't wait to see it!