Friday, April 27, 2012

Festival Favorites

We're off to New Orleans for Jazz Fest.  Here's some great festival wear I found on Etsy -

Love this dress from The Tarot Woman.

Bohemian print skirt from lagypsyyaya

Gorgeous gypsy bag from Grandma DeDe

The perfect purple caftan from Time Warp Boutique

Super-groovy pants at FrocknRock

Bruce Springsteen is the headliner at Jazz Fest Sunday.  Great vintage concert tee from Retromanic66.

We'll need some hippie bracelets from Trailer Park Gypsy.

Cool shades are a must.  These are from our Babylon Sisters shop.

Wear some flowers in your hair from our Gypsy Babylon shop.


Linda said...

Love the Pants & bracelets!!! That caftan is gorgeous too...great picks this week...:)

Dede said...

What wonderful, comfortable picks!.......