Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Speak for the Trees

Today, I got news from my daughter in New Orleans that her neighbours had cut down a huge tree that shaded both of their yards.  My daughter was heartbroken because we don't understand this type of behavior.  I Googled "Why do people cut down trees?" and the answer seemed to be blah, blah, blah...  All of which I had heard before.  I think there's more to it.

When my kids were little we lived in a little farm house in the country - over 200 years old.  The house, not the country.  The country was Canada. Which is also over 200 years old but anyway... The house was OK, the barn had seen better days but the weeping willow tree was fantastic!  It WAS the property value as far as we were concerned.  Some years later, we found out that new owners had cut down the tree.  It wasn't diseased or anything like that - they just found the falling leaves to be a bit of a nuisance.  This still bothers us.

Another daughter called yesterday for us to come and see her new apartment.  So nice with so many beautiful features.  The best?  A huge patio looking straight at a magnolia tree!  Bliss!

So, why do some humans want to cut down trees?  We lived in New Orleans before hurricane Katrina and a tree did fall on our house so don't give me that one...

My brother says that beauty just pisses some people off.

I know I'm extra-sensitive about trees in particular.  Julia Butterfly Hill is one of my heroes.  I think cutting down trees is a weird control thing. 

"Lakes and levees, dams and locks, they put that river in a box
It was running wild and men must have control"  - Don Henley

Luckily, the Lorax speaks for the trees and Don Henley speaks for the rivers...

Who (or what) do we speak for?


Trailer Park Gypsy said...

take all the beautiful trees down and pave it...then complain about the heat, pollution and flooding!!

Dina said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through a link from "A Purse A Day"...
What a great blog you have here! I like it a lot & I just added myself to your "followers" :-)
I just started a blog myself...check it out if you like:

Oh, and I agree completely...who cuts down a beautiful and healthy tree?? There's no figuring some people :-( I think your brother is right. Some people are angered by beauty. Like the Grinch!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dianne Robbins book Tree Talk. You need an open mind and you will get answers

Barbara said...

I agree with you - it is a control thing. Man has always wanted to tame and control nature, as if cutting down a tree gives us "power" over something bigger than we are.

I have two beautiful maples that arch over my house, providing shade and grounding. They comfort me.

I'm heartbroken for that poor tree, and all the others that are cut down for no reason. Nature, like animals, is so forgiving of our abuses. We can learn so much from the trees.

Babylon Sisters said...

Thanks so much for the tip - ordered "Tree Talk" from Amazon.

Linda said...

WELL SAID!!!!....I completely agree with you Sista...there is no need of cutting trees down...They said that before man arrived here in the states a squirrel could start in Georgia and travel along the trees to Maine without ever hitting land...that is how many trees there were!!!...I love trees...I am surrounded by them...I hate watching land cleared to put more stores & businesses... enough is enough...

Tree talk looks good and Julia Butterfly rocks... :)
Great post!!!