Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

What I'm loving on Etsy today...

 Gorgeous cuff at hatsbybuck.  If you're a hat person check out this shop - the hats are fantastic!

Sweet god's eye at rosehilde.  How can you not love a shop called "shop of happiness"?

Another cuff I love at the always exhuberant LilygraceOriginals.

Loved this so much I bought it from lagypsyyaya.

Romantic hanging lamp my sister made for our GypsyBabylon shop.

Super-cool pants at immortalkraft.

For all you fairy girls, this creation is sold but go to NaturallyBohemian.  You'll love it!

Mad Men inspired collection for Banana Republic?  Don't be silly - go to voguevintage for the best (and real) thing!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Great shops!!! :) Love that God's Eye!!